# Backtracks Head Nod Detection, Interactive Audio, and Choose Your Own Adventure Podcasts

# Background

Immersive choose your own adventure audio and podcast experiences are now possible with the Backtracks SDK. Backtracks Native SDK allow users to interact with audio or app content simply by nodding or moving their heads. This enables fast: touchless, voice-free, and camera-free interactions that are privacy and security focused, requiring no personally identifiable information. It's faster than voice feedback, often faster that touch feedback (and does not require looking at a screen), etc.

Read more about the touchless "Choose Your Own Adventure" podcasting and audio technology here.


Partners may request access to reference applications, quickstarts, and advanced code samples. If you wish to learn more or become a partner, contact us.

# Getting started

Add the Backtracks Apple/iOS SDK as a dependency to your project or in your PodFile. To add to your podfile include the following before installing via pod install. Before you start, you will need Backtracks API credentials and OPA (Open Podcast Analytics) key from your Backtracks account settings.

target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'PodcastAnalytics', '~> 1.0'

Ensure that your podfile has at least the following minimum version as the top/first line:

platform :ios, '11.2'

Install the Backtracks Apple/iOS SDK.

pod install

That's it, you're ready to rock!

# Integration Guide

View the integration guide and example code here. Get started and get done fast.