# Backtracks Proxy

Backtracks Proxy provides the ability to proxy or mirror an RSS feed. Backtracks Proxy monitors provided source feeds and synchronizes additions, deletions, and updates of metadata automatically.

# Introduction

The Backtracks Proxy following the conventions of the Backtracks REST API that like the core Backtracks REST APIs, allows you to securely interact with Backtracks resources and functionality. Our REST API returns JSON responses and GET requests to API endpoints support JSONP.

See the Backtracks REST API documentation for a general introduction to the concepts like like how to authenticate to make API calls, common date formatting, error messages, status codes, paging semantics, etc.

# Backtracks Proxy + Backtracks Analytics = Powerful Combination

Backtracks Proxy will synchronize data on your behalf while giving you the ability to have unified analytics across your series with integrated support for Backtracks Analytics.