# Backtracks Attribution

Backtracks Attribution enables measurement, conversion tracking, and reporting on podcast and audio advertising.

With Backtracks' Attribution solution, you may accurately measure the effectiveness and performance of podcast and audio advertising campaigns. Understand and prove the value created by advertising campaigns and attribute revenue, leads, signups, etc. generated to a particular advertisement, podcast, and marketing campaign. Simply put, did spending N money on ad X result in greater than N amount of Y, the desired outcome, etc. Know and grow with Backtracks.

Backtracks integrates with podcasts and e-commerce platforms to provide directly measured, accurate, and comprehensive analytics around reach, audience, downloads, revenue generated and more for advertising campaigns.

# Basic Usage

A Backtracks Attribution call looks like this and is added to your website, theme, or e-commerce storefront:

bta('purchase', {
    transactionId: "67ebba62-5534-4048-b74a-9e6ff15bd90a",
    discountCode: "abc-123",
    currency: "USD",
    tax: 16.50,
    shipping: 15.00,
    value: 231.50,
    items: [{
            id: "abc-123",
            sku: "xyz-11111111",
            name: "Something Product",
            brand: "Something Company",
            category: "Apparel/Shoes",
            quantity: 2,
            variant: "Yellow",
            price: 100


Backtracks Attribution does not use cookies, capture personally identifiable information, sell your user's data, retarget your customers or users, etc.