# Advanced Use Cases

# Load Last n Episodes

It's possible to embed multiple players based on the latest episodes in a series. In this example, the latest 2 public and published episodes of a series are always loaded. One use of this functionality is to have a player that always loads the most recent episode.

# Backtracks Nano Player

The Backtracks Nano Player is a tiny website audio player that's specifically designed to fit in small spaces. It's designed to minimize screen real estate, but maximize functionality.

# Set Nano Player Options

The Backtracks Nano Player supports the player capabilities like startTime, primaryColor, etc. and adds support for the following additional capabilities:

Setting Type Description
nanoLoader boolean display the loading spinner
nanoTimer boolean display the countdown/progress indicator
nanoTimerDirection string clockwise or counterclockwise
nanoRemembersPlayhead boolean recall where the user left off


The Backtracks Nano Player layout is triggered by creating a player that has a width that is less than or equal to 100px. You can set this on the player or the player's container element, i.e. div, that the player is placed within using CSS like max-width: 100px or width: 100px for example. The Backtracks Nano Player can be extremely small and is responsive.

# Counterclockwise timer with loading spinner disabled

# Embed as an iFrame

# Do not recall the last play position