# Link to Timestamps in Audio

Using the Backtracks Player, it's possible to link timestamps on the page or a section of the page to the player. The time linking capability of the Backtracks Player may be useful in a variety of scenarios like linking timestamps in paragraphs, tables of contents, comments, guides, courses, etc. use the data-bt-timecodes-selector property to specify where the player should look for timestamps (this allows different players on a page to be associated with different elements and sections of the page so the right audio plays when hooked up to the right player).


The property data-bt-timecode-scrolling will determine if the user navigates to the player with the linked timestamp. Set this property to false, i.e. data-bt-timecode-scrolling="false" if your use case is better served by disabling scrolling the user to the associated player.


If you add timecodes like 00:45, [25:47], 20s, 2m45s to an episode's description and show that description in the player then the timestamps will be automatically linked in the description overlay of the player.

With the Backtracks Player, it's possible to link items that are not timestamps like text, images, buttons, divs, spans, and other elements on a page to specific points in time.